Reason Why Breast Enlargement Pills Are Popular

Breast surgery and breast enlargement pills are the most popular breast enhancement methods. Now there are plenty of women who are aiming to increase their breast size. There are some women who are willing to increase their breast size even if it is expensive.

Of course you do not want to put your health in great danger, but you for sure you is still looking for the possible way enhancing your breast size. With this, natural breast enlargement pills will be the best product that you can use in increasing your breast size. These natural products are created in order to increase your bust size naturally so you do not have to rely on the skill and experience of doctors.

But as you already decide to take breast enlargement pills, the question is “which pills will be best for you?” The best pills that will work effectively for you are those pills that release the same hormone during the puberty stage and that is the signal of your breast to grow. These natural pills usually provide two to three cup size increase that is why people are very happy as they use them. The most important point in taking these pills is that even you stop from taking the pills, the gains will stay.

When searching the right breast enlargement pills, it is very important to check on its ingredients. You have to make sure that it does not provide any side effects when combined with other products and foods. You have to be careful when mixing herbs with your daily medications. There are some herbs that can make your medicines ineffective or may cause you harmful effects. To keep you safe, it will be better to talk to your doctor and ask for prescriptions before taking any pills.

Breast surgery can give you the instant result but there are plenty of women who do not want to put their health at risks. Aside from that, breast surgery is very expensive than taking any pills. And finally breast surgery requires time for the procedure, recovery and any schedule for the follow up visits.

As you choose to take breast enlargement pills, you just simply follow the manufacturer’s instruction carefully, continue healthy diet and just wait for the result. Though the whole process works differently on everyone due to their unique physique and chemistry, women can still expect to see great results within three months.

As simple as this, you can expect to enhance your breast by taking breast enlargement pills. Now with the effective work of these pills, they become very in demand and popular.

Know the Dangers of Having Breast Implants

Many flat chested women are obsessed with breast enhancement because they want to enhance their physical appearance, improve self-image, increase their level of attractiveness, improve self-esteem, have wide choices of better fitting clothes and to enhance physical intimacy with a partner. This obsession pushed women to go even further by subjecting themselves under the knife to enhance their breasts size. Although larger breasts could satisfy women and could make them feel better about their appearance, going into drastic measures to enhance one’s physical appearance need careful thinking. Although there are successful breast enhancement surgeries, surgery is still an invasive procedure that could turn into a disaster. It is not uncommon to hear about women who experienced not so good results with breast enhancement surgery. Breast enlargement surgery make use of implants and once a foreign object is inserted in a human body, anomalies or complications could happen. It is important to know the dangers of having breast implants before making a decision of putting yourself under the knife.

So what are the dangers of having breast implants? First, you have to know that there are two types of breast implants, the saline implant and silicone implant. Although there are differences in their composition, both are still foreign materials and could endanger one’s health when something went wrong while they are resting inside your body.

Implants do not last a lifetime. Implants will eventually leak and rupture which can be very dangerous if not detected at once. The scary part is that nobody knows when the implants will actually break or rupture. Some implants rupture after a few months and some lasted for years. Saline implants rupture or leakage are easy to notice because of the changes in breast size as the liquid leaks out. Saline implants are filled with sterile saltwater and once the implant leaks, the body will absorb the fluid. Although the sterile water could not cause serious health issues, the shell of saline implant is made from silicone and could cause health risks. With silicone implants, leakage or rupture is not easy to detect and MRI is needed to monitor the implants. Sometimes rupture could only be detected when there are already serious complications and health issues. The silicone gel from ruptured silicone implant could spread and affect lymph nodes and other body organs resulting to a variety of health issues which can be very fatal. When it comes to the dangers of having breast implants, implant rupture is on the top of the list.

Complications. The dangers of having breast implants include the complications that come with it. Any surgery involves risks of complications during and after the procedure. Complications may include allergic reaction to anaesthesia, abnormal bleeding, necrosis or skin death, breasts infections, build-up of molds or bacteria on the implants, numbness or over sensitivity of nipples, inability to breastfeed, memory loss, fatigue, metal poisoning (silicone implants contain platinum), capsular contracture and cosmetic issues like scarring and asymmetry issues. There are cases that complications are so serious that they can be life threatening.

Expensive monitoring and maintenance. The dangers of having breast implants do not just include your physical health but also your financial health. The expenses for the monitoring and maintenance of your breast implant could be a burden that could put your financial capability in danger. Aside from the breast enhancement procedure that could cost thousands of dollars, there are reports that many women who got breast augmentation end up needing corrective surgeries which of course could be very costly. Periodic monitoring of your implants, breast health and overall health could also be very expensive. You will spend money on your breasts as long as you have the implants to be sure nothing will go wrong. Regular breast MRI and mammogram are required to monitor the condition of breast implant and to monitor your breast health. Cosmetics surgeries, corrective surgeries and any breast diagnostic monitoring are usually not covered by insurances so you have to spend your own money.

Autoimmune diseases. Although it is still debatable, there are reports that breast implants are linked to autoimmune diseases. Some women with breast implants are diagnosed with diseases like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis. Although it is yet to be proven that breast implants actually caused these diseases, would you risk your health or put your life at stake just to get the breasts size you want?

The dangers of having breast implants should be taken into great consideration before making a drastic decision to go under the knife. Remember that it is always good to be alive and healthy. There are two ways to deal with your flat chest without the dangers of surgery. One is by accepting to love your body and second is by exploring non-surgical breast enhancement options. To know more about natural treatments visit Herbal Breast Enhancement.

Breast Cancer Survival Rate – Stage 1 Breast Cancer

With very early detection, the breast cancer survival rate is excellent. The American Cancer Society reports a 5-year survival rate of 98% to 100% for Stage 1 breast cancer after treatment.

Stage 1 breast cancer is less than 2 centimeters in diameter and has not spread beyond the breast tissue itself.

Currently, 63% of breast cancer for U. S. white women is detected and diagnosed while it is still localized to the breast tissue as Stage 1 breast cancer. Only 53% of breast cancer in U. S. black women is diagnosed while the breast cancer is still localized.

The difference in early detection rates between white women and black women is usually attributed to economic disparity and the lack of health insurance. It also helps explain the fact that in the U. S., breast cancer incidence for black women is 11% lower than for white women, but the breast cancer death rate for black women is 35% higher (NCI, SEER, 2007). The death rate increases when breast cancer detection and diagnosis are postponed while the cancer spreads.

The U.S. National Cancer Institute predicts that approximately 178,480 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed in 2007. The annual death rate from breast cancer is around 41,000 in the U.S. North American white women have the highest rate of breast cancer in the world.

Improving breast cancer survival rates by early detection requires regular observation, monthly self-examinations, and following medical recommendations for examinations and testing.

Monthly self-examinations should be done at the same time each month. Clinical examinations by a health care provider should start by the time a woman is 20 years old and continue at least every three years until age 40. After age 40, the clinical exams should be included in the annual health check-ups. Annual mammograms after age 40 will help detect breast cancer at the earliest stages.

Since 1 in every 8 women will face a diagnosis of breast cancer in their lives, improving the breast cancer survival rate should also include breast cancer prevention by reducing risk factors. Some breast cancer risk factors like genetics and family history can’t be changed, but they account for only a small percentage of breast cancer cases. Factors that have shown an increase in breast cancer include overweight, hormone therapy, and increased alcohol consumption. Factors that may help breast cancer prevention include breast feeding, maintaining a healthy weight, and regular exercise.