Common Problems With Breast Augmentation Every Woman Should Know

Magazines and movies created an image that big breasted women are adorable and men are attracted to women with big bosom. Most women want to enhance their breasts and this is one of the reasons why breast enhancement surgery is one of the top cosmetic surgeries performed by surgeons yearly. Women who are not endowed with big bosom are willing to subject themselves under the knife to follow the norm and to feel better about their appearance. But do women have to go through breast enhancement surgery and experience the problems with breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation or breast enhancement surgery is a quick solution for women who are suffering from the embarrassment of having small breasts. Although breast size should not be the basis of a person’s worth, most people make it difficult for small breasted women to be accepted and to belong to the society they live in. Women with small breasts are often teased, rejected and suffering from negative feelings like insecurities and low self-esteem. Having bigger breasts can boost their confidence, can take away their insecurities and it can give them the acceptance they are looking for. Breast size does matter and it can affect the lives of women in so many ways. Most women ignore the problems with breast augmentation just to achieve their desired breast size.

Before taking the risky steps of surgery, you have to think many times and you have to know the problems with breast augmentation. Aside from the high cost, surgery is always accompanied by a lot of risks. Knowing the common problems with breast augmentation will help you decide about breast enhancement surgery.

Breast augmentation is a risky procedure. I am sure you have heard of stories about breast surgeries that resulted to complications and even death to some women. The reputation of the surgeon who will perform the operation is a big concern that you have to consider. To avoid encountering problems with breast augmentation, you have to be careful and investigate on what you are getting yourself into.

One source of problems with breast augmentation is the implants used in the procedure. Silicone or saline-filled implants are the common implants used to enhance the breast size of the patient. Implants may leak or rupture during or after the operation. Implants rupture could cause minor or serious health issues. These foreign materials are not made to last for a lifetime and they should be replaced after a certain time. Replacement of implants means recurring expenses and you will go through the same surgical operation. Constant monitoring and breast exams are required to monitor the health of your breasts. The maintenance and monitoring of the implants and your breast health can be very expensive.

The problems with breast augmentation are not only with the surgeon and the implants but the recovery time after operation. Aside from the pains during recovery, you may encounter infections, loss of nipple sensation and permanent scarring. The worse thing is when you are not satisfied with the results and you cannot get your old body back.

Although big breast size can positively change your life, you have to be careful in choosing the method that you will use. Your safety and health should be your priority.

3 Basic Steps You Can Take to Prevent Breast Cancer

It’s one of those things that you probably do not spend too much time thinking about. In fact, if you’re like me, about once a month in the shower you remember to “feel yourself up” and look for lumps, then you go on with your daily life for the next, oh, 25 to 40 days, before recalling that it’s been a while since you checked and you probably ought to do it again. And most doctors say that at least until you’re in your 40′s or 50′s, that’s fine.

But after one of my dear friends discovered a lump in her breast and scared us all to death during her surgery and treatment as we faced the fact we might lose her, I started wondering if there was something else that I could do to help keep myself safe. I did a little research, and here are 3 simple things that you can do to help prevent breast cancer. Of course, these should not take the place of monthly self-exams or any annual checkups that are appropriate for your age and health history.

1. Maintain a healthy body weight

I know, I know. Easier said than done. But basically, try not to lose or gain more than about 15 pounds on a regular basis. Uneven, drastic weight loss and gain – that’s right, yo-yo dieting – increases your odds of developing breast cancer!

2. Take a daily vitamin

Getting the right amounts of vitamins C, A, E and D – and all the rest of them for that matter – contributes to your body’s ability to fight off health problems – including rogue cells that might become cancerous.

3. Get plenty of omega 3

Omega 3 fatty acids, found in salmon oil and other fatty fish, are anti-inflammatory agents that researchers suspect may literally “calm” cells that are prone to reproducing out of control. Most people opt for a daily omega 3 supplement to make sure that they get their omega 3s every day rather than trying to consume enough fish to meet the bill.

Of course, as a woman you should always keep your breast health in mind and follow any and all doctor’s orders. To learn more about omega 3 fatty acids, fish oil and breast health, access

Constipation Vs A Healthy Breast

Breast Cancer has become a major concern of today’s women. That concern is brought about by the fact that most of us know or know of someone who has contracted this infamous disease. It is a major offender to women’s health but there’s a lot that can be done to reduce the risk of contracting this disease.

Fibrocystic Breast Disease is one of the risk factors for breast cancer. It is, however, not as predominant as some of the more prominent breast cancer risk factors like early periods, family history, and late pregnancy. It does, however, bring about an increased risk and is one of the reasons why women undergo mammograms since the lumps of Fibrocystic Breast Disease are not easily distinguished from those of Breast Cancer.

Women who consume a low fiber diet and who suffer from frequent constipation are prime candidates for breast disease ( Breast Cancer or Fibrocystic Breast Disease ).

In a recent study, scientists revealed some startling facts. There was a significant association between abnormal breast cell structure and the frequency of bowel movements. A woman who had less than three bowel movements a week was in significant danger of contracting Fibrocystic Breast Disease. A woman who had daily bowel movements was in significantly less danger of the disease. This is undoubtedly due to the absorption of toxins from the stagnant fecal matter.

The best way to eliminate this situation is to keep things moving in your digestive tract. And the best way to do that is to consume high fiver organic foods or take fiber supplements.. Some of the high fiber foods are raw organic fruits (especially apples) and vegetables. Women who are vegetarians emit two to three times more estrogen’s than women who are non vegetarians. Also, non vegetarian women have a 50% higher standard level of free estrogen which was reabsorbed from her intestinal tract. This difference is undoubtedly the result of the omnivorous woman’s eating habits resulting in her consumption of less fiber than the vegetarian woman.

A higher intake of fiber, through diet or supplements, can result in more favorable intestinal flora. If you are concerned about Breast Cancer or Fibrocystic Breast Disease, taking a fiber supplement, consuming high fiber raw fruits and vegetables, or taking a probiotic or fiber supplement to enhance bowel function is highly recommended.

So it seems as if consuming high fiber and probiotics can be the key to keeping your bowels moving on a regular basis.. And that translates into a natural form of breast health. And to make things even better, a healthy digestive tract prevents a host of other diseases like Colon Cancer and the suppression of a well functioning immune system. Fecal matter is toxic waste. Get it out of your body before it causes serious problems.